Friday, August 28, 2009


It was 830pm by the time I reached home. I dragged my half dead body into my room, dropped my bag and collapsed on my bed.....another mistake, another mistake man!!!!!!!

What's wrong with you Zen???

I don't know, I really don't. I try my best to do my part, look and check every single details but still I cause my company losing money again.

This is the 3rd time of the month, the very 1st month of you working in this company. Can you imagine that Zen??? 3rd mistake in a month!!!!! You are still under probation, there will be a BIG NO NO on your performance.....

Totally hopeless............

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I made another careless mistake on my work again...I'm so mad and disappointed of myself. Careless careless careless!!! I tried to pay more attention on the thing i do, double or even triple check but I wish I could rub off my mistake but I cant......sigh....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rainy evening

It's a raining evening and I got home a lil earlier than usual. I always got a lil moody during rainy day, I don't know why, maybe I miss the sun.

I been hiding in my room whole night enjoying my Zen's moment. I lost "My time" ever since I moved to this new company. I like my new job, my new co. but I always got tired at the end of the day that I didn't have time for my own.

I spent my evening catching up with the design's blogs that I used to read everyday, decor8, design sponge, camesawconcurred and many more, organise and editing tonnes of photos, updating Twinkle's blog, checking my tumblr blog, my mailbox, FB, it's all about ME, ME TIME!!!

I came across this thing which I wanted to do for sooooooo long when I read Color me Katie. Yeah, I always wanted to take some colourful photo with friends & family just like the photo below. Maybe I should arrange this for our next outing or gathering. lol

I feel better at the end of the day. Yeah, I miss my Zen's moment and I hope everything get back on track soon.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Italiannies @ One U

Dinner with Karen, Henry, ALex & Evon the other day.

Its been a while since I last saw them, especially Evon.

Menu of the day:

Bottomless drink of coz...This is mine, Ice lemon tea.

Ceasar salad

Er...forgot the name. But the fishball looking got stuffie inside, very cheesey.

Potato & chicken

Smoke salmon pizza...the salmon look like carrot. lol

Shrimp linguine

We sapu all!!! lol

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy weekend

Yeah, I had a very busy yet fun weekend. As usual, I have to work on Saturday. After I finished my work around 1pm, I rushed back home, rang & checked for few pet groomer around my area then sent Twinkle to a new pet grooming house at Kota Damansara. This fella really need a cut. So, after I dropped him at groomer then I rushed back home to "groom" myself. Hahha....get some rest, take bath and get ready for the concert at night.

And tadah!! This is how my boy looks like after 3 hours. Look so much better than pre groom.

Then I rushed to Sunway for the MTV World Stage. Gosh, both the road and the Sunway were jam with cars & people.

My fault and we went in a little bit late but were just in time for Boys Like Girls. Oh boy, they are rock!! Love their songs. There were other band too like Hoobastank, Regun, Pixie Lot, Kansabian, All American Reject.

Here we are, me, Geri and Simpson. Thanks Simpson for the free tic.

We were "syok sendiri" whole night, dancing, jumping, screaming, singing along whole night. A great way of releasing tension.

The concert end ard 11+pm and we head back home after supper.

I brought Twinkle to the Dogathon the next morning. Oh man, I got a pair of "goldfish + panda" eyes....was suppose to go for the "walk" but kinda tired so we went ard 10am after picked up Sammie & Boo.

Twinkle enjoyed his walk as usual but the weather was too hot.

End up we just sit down and chill.

Twinkle is getting used to Boo. They can sit together and share their water.

Love the photo of both of them. Sweet.

After the dogathon, I visited Henry, Karen and Darling. Went for a lunch with both Henry & Karen then head back home. Both me & Twinkle were exhausted but we had fun and more to come. The following weekend will be another crazy weekend. Looking forward to it!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

SOULed Out

13th August was Calvin's birthday, so me, Geri, Simpson and of coz the birthday boy spent our evening at Soul Out Mont Kiara.

We ordered 4 dishes. I couldn't remember the name of the dish, the 1st one was sausage wrapped with chicken and ham with chips and salad.

Then we had the clam meat pizza, fish & chips and the beef noodle. I was so busy eating and forgot to take the pic. lol

We had white wine.

Spent whole night chatting, gossiping and laughing around.

Then the waiter put on this funny looking hat on Calvin's head when they found out he is the birthday boy.

We had the ivory cheese cake and a lava cake and boy its yummylicious!!!

and this is the birthday present from the girlfriend, our dear Geri.

The birthday card from Souled out.

These 2 bloody looking drinks are the dragonfly and apple apricot, the dragonfly is not bad but the taste of the apple apricot was kinda "unique" coz its a mixed fruit & vege juice.

Well, we had a great evening. Everybody is busy with work and its good to gather around once a while to catch up with each other.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daily routine

7am....Don't feel like getting out of bed.

730am....breakfast time. How I wish my breakfast look this....

Look into mirror and remind myself to breath & smile coz its a brand new day!!!

810am....Head to work.

Reached home around 7pm and wish to have yummylicious dinner but always end up with nasi goreng, nasi kandar, instant noodles or breads...

Play with Twinkle and clean his masterpiece.

Take bath....sigh, no bath tub so no bubble bath.

Sit whole night in front of my laptop, working, blogging, FB'ing, tumbling, chatting, mailing and picnicing.....

and start dreaming ard 12+am.....zzZzzZZZzzZZzzz.....

(above photo taken from

New stuff in the room

First, lets welcome the sheep to my room.

Got this early birthday pressie from my beloved cousin sis.

A very sweet looking bed sheet, it makes my bedroom look sweeter!! lol

Then I manage to dig out my artwork from the storeroom. Its a lino print, carved it back in colleague time....not bad huh. lol

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's all about food.

My daily routine - Work, eat & sleep....So Im gonna show you where & what I have for my dinner most of the time.

Pak Li Kopitiam @ Kota Damansara

Nasi Lemak Special

Teh Ceylo susu

Roti bakar



Little Penang@Kota Damansara

See chuan mee, laksa, fried rice

My favorite Nasi goreng kampung @ Palm Spring Condo's mamak