Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Merdeka.
It's holiday.
It's another happy day!!!!

Again, my daily blog has become a monthly blog. LOL
And here are some highlight of August 2010.

Got myself into salsa class.

attended Dogathon 2010 with my lil oldman T.

Calvin's birthday dinner @ Kokopelli.

Eil's visit.
Monkey'ing around Bukit Tabur.

Mission 1: YJ's Midnight birthday celebration.

Weekly badminton with colleagues...and cramp in the 1st session. LOL

Mission 2: CK's Hawaii birthday celebration.

Mission 3: Joss's KL tour birthday celebration.

Camping trip @ Pulau Pangkor.

Good, I have fully occupied my Aug and I'm now welcoming my favorite September!!!!