Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yes, I'm tired even after a good night sleep. Am I too hyper for the past few days?? Guess I would have to ditch Joss for the basketball tonight. :P Sorry buddy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good morning, it's Wednesday already, half a week gone and I would like to wish my dear sister a very happy birthday. She is turning 23 today. Wow, only 23 and 23 sound so long ago to me. :p But still its just a number, we will remain young if we always carry a young heart. :)

Talking about birthday, I would like to share this cupcakeblog I found the other day. For those who loves to bake, you can drop by and have a look as they have plenty of recipe there. Im not really into cupcake coz it is too sweet but I do love the art of cupcake; I enjoy looking at those cute and beautiful little cupcakes, they put a smile on me. :)

Yeah, I am a dreamer. I'm still holding to my dream and I will never give it up. But today, I would like to be a different kind of dreamer....I want to be a day dreamer. LOL. coz I had a sweet dream last night and it keep playing on my mind now. Do you think I could continue my sweet dream tonight??

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eyes wide open at 545am, staring at the ceiling, looking at the tongue dangling's Twinkle. Yes, it's too hot!!! Both me & Twinkle couldn't sleep well due to the crazy weather. Damn, how I wish I have air con in my room. I gotta get another extra fan or we will be both fainted in this "sauna room" or nicely baked in the owen.

Yet, it does not affect my mood today. Im still feel pretty good this morning, drinking my favorite cuppa coffee and welcoming my beautiful Tuesday!

Great morning !!!


Remember that I mentioned about room makeover in my earlier post? I found one which suit my room best, the color of the room and the furniture are similar to mine. So this would be one of my inspiration.....a touch of pink

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good morning! It's Monday and how was your weekend? Mine was a lazy one as I spent my weekend with my family doing nothing, just catching up with each other and rest at home. :)

I read an article on Happiness from one of my favorite blog Not Your Average Ordinary and I totally agreed with her. It's a choice we make when we wake up in the morning, whether you choose to spend your day or your life happily or the other way round. "Life has thrown me lemons and I’ve done my best to make lemonade (and lavender lemon cakes and lemon bars - to make it interesting.)" "I’m sure life will keep handing lemons to me, which I’ll keep baking. I’ll create other things too, with sweeter ingredients: oranges and strawberries and chocolate and honey." Yes, I responsible for my own happiness and I will create my own bakery too. :) So, let's kick the Monday blue away!!!


Yes, my Monday is pretty yellow (my happy color). I have a bunch of lovely colleagues that make my day :) and I end my day with the hot & spicy tomyam pot.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look what I found at home? Some unwanted fabrics and old bed sheets. It's kinda waste to throw them away, so let's see what I could do with them. :P

Friday, March 25, 2011

You should have known better...
It's Friday and I'm suffering with stomach discomfort, but I'm still excited coz weekend is coming. I have been resting whole day at home, and taking this chance thinking how shoould I decorate my bedroom. I have been talking about it for months, guess it's time for the makeover.

So, I go thru some of my favorite decor blogs, get some inspiration, jot down the details, the type of room and the color that I like. Here is one of my favorite:

A lovely bedroom of Marlise Kast-Myers and her husband, Ben from San Diego. “Our inspiration came from the boutique hotels we have visited around the world. Ben is naturally artistic so sometimes it is difficult for me to see his vision until it all comes together. I sort of go along for the ride! He loves the clean fresh look of white with only a splash of one other soft color so we tried to keep the room somewhat minimal so that the design could speak for itself.”

I love the color. The antique tiered dresser is gorgeous too and I like how they cleverly used vintage printing press drawers, the old metal fan, other shabby worn trunks with handwriting on them in their room too, Beautiful!

(photo: Decor 8)

Oh ya, I have changed the banner and rearranged my blog's design too. What do you think?

Happy weekend people!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Peanut, the dog. Peanut, the shorty. Peanut, the jumpy. Peanut, the canopy boy. Peanut, the funny boy. Peanut, the naughty boy. Peanut, the big ears boy. Peanut, the playful boy. Peanut, the whine baby. Peanut, the wee wee boy. Peanut, the destoyer. Peanut, the silly boy. Peanut, the cat lover. Peanut, the killer. Peanut, the fatty.

Peanut, the love of my life.

It was great having you for the pass three months. Sorry that we couldn't keep you by our side, we hope you like your new owner, your new family and your new home. May them shower you with love and care for the rest of your life. We gonna miss you.

Peanut, came to our house on 15 Dec 2011, adopted on 19 March 2011.