Monday, May 24, 2010

Friends said I have changed, am I? I don't know.

I was looking for myself all this while, the long lost zen, the zen that hiding somewhere in my heart, the REAL zen. It never feels good when you lost something, not to mention losing your own self; how pathetic it is for not knowing who you really are after living for 27 years.

But I can now proudly say, I found me, not totally but almost there. I call it a learning process, a growing stage. Learning to adapt the new me is not easy but at the end of the day, change is always good and it's exactly what I needed in order to be better

I registered myself in Putrajaya Dragon Boat Festival 2010.
Today was my 1st day of training and I'm survived!
Looking forward to my next training.
Tiring but fun!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A fruitful weekend started with some blogs reading, found some awesome and eye candy post which always lighten my day.

Then head to KLPAC with Phaik, Wymen, Simpson, Geri & Calvin for a comedian stand in the Evening. We dropped by somewhere at Jalan Ipoh for dinner, thanks to Mei's recommendation, we filled up our stomarch with the nice hokkien mee, fried mishua and steam lala. Slurrps~!!!

The show was not bad, I had a good laugh and that's what I need after a long working week. As usual, we will always end up with some photo taking session, always syok sendiri. This is one of my favorite photo.

After we satisfying ourselve with all the photo taking, we head to TBR for supper!! We miss the TBR nasi lemak sooooo much and boy it is still as good as our colleage time. Slurrps!!! and the craziest part was we shifted to the next stall for roti Saga & roti kenari after that. I know, I know....we are one bunch of crazy people.

That's the end of my Saturday, it sounds more like a "foodful" Saturday. lol

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, picture tells it all.

But I did have some good times this 2 days. Spent a lovely night with my girlfriends, and make a birthday card to my dear colleague which I did not do it for sometimes.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Found this on tumblr. "I will do one thing today ", in fact I did so many things today. From the moment I got out from my bed, clean myself, took my breakfast, kiss & fed Twinkle, drove to work, done as much works as I could, back at home, took bath, cook my dinner and now sitting in front of my's just keep going on & on and everyday repeating the same thing. Bored.

So I'm gonna change it to "I will do at least one special thing today" or " I will do at least one good thing today".

And, I have decided to attend Julie's wedding in Singapore on 12 March 2010. If I were the old me, it will probably takes me ages to make the decision coz I used to be a worrier. I will probably worried about the timing, my leave, my works, budgets...but it only tooks me less than a minute today. So, I did one special thing as well as a good thing today. Bravo zen!!! lol

Congratulation Julie!! I'm really happy for you dear.

I'm gonna do at least one special thing tomorrow.

I was a caterpillar. I'm now slowly crawl out from my pupa and turn into a butterfly, a very beautiful and a confident one. Expanding & harden my wings to welcome my beautiful world.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Simply zen @ 12 May 2010