Monday, June 29, 2009

R & F weekend

I had a Relax yet Fun weekend.

As mentioned on my previous post, I had dinner with friends at King Crab restaurant on Saturday and boys it was awesome!!! The food are yummylicious and most important we "TALK CRAB" thru out the dinner. lol !!! We were like long lost friends for years and we couldn't stop talking. Karen brought along her camera but we were too excited chating till we forgot to take any of the photo. Sorry Amanda, couldn't show you our yummylicious Blackpepper Crabbie, Salted egg Crabbie, Lala Soup, salted egg sotong (thumb up), vege & fried rice.

Again, me and Twinkle spent our Sunday morning at BU park together with Sammie, PF, Boo & Dopey. It was a lovely morning, Twinkle had fun running (more like hopping) around the park. We were there for about an hour then we head to Henry's place.

We sent Darling for grooming, took our lunch and chill at Henry's place till dinner time. And the best part of the day would be Darling's new look. She was so funny looking but cute. Too bad I didn't take photo of her. I promised I will post on her soon k.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

27 June 2009

Woke up at 830am, still very tired coz I been dreaming whole night.

So, I decided not to do any house core or laundry today but to bring Twinkle to the park.

It was a bright sunny morning but the park was rather quiet today, just few people and 2 doggies. Twinkle was very busy leaving his peemail as usual while I enjoying the breeze.

We spent an hours at the park then we head to the new pet store in town. The pet store is having promotion for their grooming service, RM50 for 2 basic groom., so I sent Twinkle for a basic grooming. (Ok, I was too lazy to bath T this weekend.)

Since the grooming session only take 2 hours and I got nothing to do (I was too lazy to do anything), I decided to "lepak" around this area. First, I went to Watson, bought a bottle of anti bacterial hand gel. Then I checked out few boutiques, came out with empty hand. (Good!!!) Follow by a stationary shop, I grab the latest Female Mag and walked over to McD.

I ordered a set of McChicken and I spent my next 2 hours in McD till its time to pick up Twinkle. I was kinda enjoy my time but not for Twinkle. He doesn't seem to enjoy his grooming session and I can tell why. The outcome was not up to my standard but what to do, its a promotion package. You get what you paid for. Fine, Im in good mood today.

Now, Im waiting eagerly for dinner time. Im going to have seafood dinner with Kien, Sammie & hubby, Alex, Henry & Karen at King Crab restaurant later. Slurp~~~Im drooling just to think of it.

That's all for now, wanna take a good bath and get ready for my dinner.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

No more safety zone

Yeah, I've been sitting in the safety zone for too long, time to get out!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movie Night

I'm going to watch Transformer 2 with Henry & Karen later. I'm been waiting eagerly for it and I hope it won't let me down.


The movie is awesome!!! I will give it 9/10, I think the ending can be better. But still Transformer will be one of my favorite movie.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today is rather boring.....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Friday

Everything seems good today, workload was ok, lunch was yummylicious, even the rain doesn't seem to bother me at all. (I hate rain.) I guess that is the power of FRIDAY!!!

I stuck in the jam after work like I usually do but I didn't get frust this time. I look around and this is what I saw. The sky were so beautiful!!! Look at the combination of the colors, awesome isn't??

Lesson of the day, try to spend some time on your surrounding and you might find something beautiful which will lighten up your day.

Enjoy your Friday night and have a pleasant weekend.

p/s: I'm very excited about tomorrow outing!!!