Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wow, 3 post in a roll!! Don't ask me why, I just feel like blog and blog and blog today.

Here are my gals, my jimuis, my besties from my hometown. Some are 20 years primary schoolmates and some are 15 years secondary schoolmates, I miss them and I love them, always!!!!! This one took at Putrajaya, too bad June couldn't make it. No worries, we can still have another round of photo session.

And this is one of my favorite photo of June and her son, Lucas.

An enduring Friendship is the greatest richness.

Read this from Sharmaine, the happy bee and I love it.

Happy Light Traveler
If you cannot let go your past, what makes you think you have control in your future? Your past is a heavy luggage, you'll not have anymore space to squeeze in your futures if you do not empty it. Sort out your luggage before you embark on a new journey, travel light ^^
No one on earth is so good about forgetting everything they've been through, the past can be painful or happy, sad or joyous. Some traveler choose to pack everything, some choose those look light but heavy stuffs, some empty their luggage totally including every lesson learned...only the wisest understand what is the meaning of bag but"travel light". We have 60 billions travelers on earth, carrying different luggages small, big, backpack and etc... we can't control what the other travelers like to pack in their most importantly, which type of traveler we choose to be and may you be a happy traveler no matter any type of traveler you choose to be ^^ Me surely a light traveler.

Sharmaine's post remind me of a movie that I watched not long ago, the "Up in the air" which star by Goerge Clooney where he gave his speech on "What's in your backpack". He talks about how each of us is carrying around a metaphorical backpack that contains all of our possessions and commitments. Our backpacks get heavier and heavier until they are so filled with “stuff” that it is nearly impossible to move.

And below quoted from The Simplerlife.net

Up to a certain point, I was nodding right along with the talk as it was being given. I agree that we all carry around a metaphysical backpack with everything that weighs us down. Our possessions, commitments, relationships, responsibilities and our own goals overflow our backpacks until many of us have no chance of ever being able to move again. However, the point where I differ in philosophy from the movie is what we should do with our backpacks.

In my quest for simplicity, I am methodically removing everything from my backpack and asking myself if it is truly something I need to be carrying with me. In terms of physical items, this is why I am committed to living a more minimalist lifestyle with less, yet higher quality, possessions. I do not need the extra weight of a large wardrobe or a room full of video games. Most importantly, everything I decide to keep in my backpack is something I have consciously decided to keep around. I think many people have no idea what is in their backpack and yet wonder why it is so heavy.

In terms of relationships, I do not accept the philosophy of Clooney’s character. He lives a life completely devoid of personal relationships because he thinks they tie him down. I prefer to fill my backpack with relationships that I care about– to honestly ask myself what role they should play in my life. I’m not afraid to let friendships fizzle out that no longer make sense in maintaining. At the same time, I am fiercely committed to those relationships I deem worthwhile and important. I take the same approach to my relationships that I do my physical possessions; if I love it and it makes sense to keep, than I do. If it is no longer important to me, then I let it go.

As you try to live a life of greater simplicity, think about the backpack you are carrying around every day. Have you consciously allowed everything you are carrying around to enter your life? If not, you might want to take a moment to stop, empty your backpack, and make some decisions about what you are going to put back in before you continue killing yourself under the weight.

Yes, I want to be a Happy Light Traveler too.

It's raining cat and dog, and surprisingly it doesn't affects my mood. Im feeling good now, may be because I reached home before the rain? may be Im sitting in my cozy room now or may be I had my favorite kiwi?? Hmmm....it has to be the kiwi. Did I tell that Im a kiwi lover? I love kiwi and I have it everyday!! Slurp~~~it's so yummylicious and it contains highest density of Vitamin C. Check it out why you should have kiwi.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas. Ok, there is no snow in Malaysia but it was cold here in Seremban last night and it is a bright sunny day today.

Yeah, I spend my Christmas eve with family this year instead of counting down at Kuala Lumpur. This photo taken on my journey back home.

"Squeezed" 1 & half hours in the lady coach, there are guys who does not understand the meaning of lady coach...sigh.

Pillow talk with bro & sis till 2am+, I couldn't recall when is the last time we did this but it was great...guess that is why we didn't receive any gifts from Santa. lol

But I did received lotsa gifts from my dear friends. Tadah!! These are part of my xmas gifts, thank you soooooooooooooo much dear, love ya always.

Merry Christmas and looking forward for a wonderful New Year.!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not any more when I got a call from cousin sis asking me to drop by for "Tong Yun" and followed by a late dinner with Wymen & ah Phaik. It was suppose to be a dinner of 4 but poor Bernice only finished work at 11+pm.....though we couldn't have reunion dinner with our family but at least we are not alone in this festive season.

Happy winter solstice day!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Event: MMB Christmas Dinner
Date: 17th December 2010
Venue: Pizza Uno, Center Point
Time: 7pm - 10pm

Highlight of the night: Exchanging Xmas pressie and Q & A session. (Devil in the house)

Thank SinYee for this photo and also this wonderful xmas gift.

Tadah~~!!! xmas pressie from SinYee. Photo frame with our MMB's activities photo in it, a very sweet & thoughtful gift. I gotta said this is my favorite xmas gift so far. Don't get me worng, I love all the pressie received but this is kinda special. Hug Hug to Sin Yee.

5 more days till Christmas and I really looking for it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

An awesome weekend, follow by a semiconscious Monday. LOL.

Met up with Kien, Lily (Yes, our dear came all the way down from Cameron. Muah muah!) & Mie last Saturday. We had our semi "TAN" family gathering + Sammie, the fitness freak's birthday + Kien, the super mom's super early birthday + early Christmas dinner at Rakuzen, Empire Shopping Gallery.

It was an awesome dinner, wish I could think of a better word than awesome. The food are delicious, the environment is good and our laughter almost crash the whole restaurant. Yes, we can talk and talk, laugh and laugh like nobody business, and this is why I love these gals so so much. I can always feel the love & comfort around them...people who don't know us might think we are like some good old friends, in fact we only get to know each other 3 years back in a dog forum. We barely see each other, all we did was chatting & mailing. I wonder if the number of our gathering have ever more than 10 fingers. Hmm....weird huh? That's what I call faith & love.

We had drinking session at Italianise after the dinner and there's where I had my 1st Tequila shoot. Well, the tequila is not as bad as i thought. In fact, Im looking forward to another round of tequila shoot. :p Toast to our special friendship!!!

Guess what, we had another mamak session after that and it was 3am+ by the time I reached home...and slept at 4amish, was pillow talking with Lily.

Then we had another surprise bday celebration for Mie on Sunday together with Karen, Henry, Alex, monkey Hao & Ah Boy. We had our breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam then follow by the KTV session.

This was the 1st time I ever "sing" with them and boy they could really SHOUT!!! Eminem, BEP, Beyonce all out!!!!It was a super fun and totally stress free 3 hours. Our gang are expanding, welcome Ah Boy & monkey Hao to the sakai gang and looking forward to another "sakai" gathering. Love ya!!!